Head First Java is much like the other “Head First” books out there – it leaves out the dry, technical learning book that we all dread suffering through, and replaces it with something that’s more engaging and fun.

This book makes your journey to learn Java a really unique one.
If you haven’t read a Head First book before, the books are all basically a riot of layout, pictures, bad jokes and quizzes – for better, or for worse.

Said in other words, if you’re looking for a traditional book on Java, this is not the one.
However, if you’ve already tried traditional books, and feel like falling asleep 5 minutes in, Head First Java is probably the way to go.

Funny pictures, weird layouts and bad jokes aside – behind all this fluff, Head First Java actually do produce some real value.

Head First Java explains the core of the language, and cover the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming, with real-world examples.

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The book is written in an engaging way, explaining core concepts like variables and object-orientation, in an intuitive way.

The drawbacks with Head First Java is that you’ll mostly be practicing “command-line” Java – which means no applications with a graphical user interface.

Even though the book isn’t updated for recent versions of Java, as a beginner just starting out, this shouldn’t bother you too much.
You want to learn the key concepts, and that is what you get with Head First Java!

However, you won’t immediately start to code real-world applications after reading Head First Java – but that’s not the point with the book either.
After reading it, you will however understand the logics of the Java programming language, and many of the basic concepts.

If you are the kind of person that need a proper visualization to understand various concepts (like schemes or diagrams), you’ll enjoy Head First Java.

Head First Java
Java beginner programming book review of Head First Java

Book Title: Head First Java

Book Description: Head First Java is a beginner-friendly book for those looking to learn Java programming. The book is written in a really unique format, and I got to tell you - you'll probably either hate it, or love it.

Book Author: Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates

Book Edition: 2nd Edition

Number Of Pages: 688

  • Basic concepts
  • Readability
  • Technical depth
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Updated for recent Java versions


The book is written in an engaging way, explaining core concepts like variables and object-orientation, in an intuitive way.


  • Engaging content.
  • Well-written, emphazising.
  • Explains with figures.
  • Covers core concepts, like object-orientation.
  • Each chapter contains exercises.


  • Mostly “command-line” Java.
  • Not updated for recent Java versions.